Soul Nourishment:

self-care that doesn’t involve having to make a point of adding things to your to-do list. It is living from a place of alignment, connection and self-care. It’s knowing that even if you don’t have time for self-care activities like long hot baths, you can still care for yourself and nourish your soul.

Welcome to Soul Nourishment!

Who am I? I’m Chelsea and I am so happy to finally meet you! As a Certified Holsitic Nutritional Consultant™, Trained Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and Reiki Master, I am here to help women create a wellness plan that fits them. I honour, respect and LOVE the fact that we are all biologically unique with different needs and lifestyles. That uniqueness is why it is so imparitive that we find what works for us, and understand that what works for our sister, best friend or co-worker, may not work for us. And thats ok! That’s also where I come in as your coach. Head over to the About Me page to learn more…

– Chelsea Burge

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